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Welcome to my new graphic community! only i get posting rights, so don't ask me to give you posting rights unless you're a helper or a mod!.

1.no drama.
2.dont go to my journal asking for anything or to leave me rude comments.
3.if you take something then leave a comment.
4.it my community, i make icons/layouts of whoever i want, i don't care if you hate that artist/celeb ok!.
5.i will also post porno/adult icons and graphics, if thats too much for you, then don't join, plus they'll be label with a warning.

if you got a question, then click here if its not answer there then leave a comment in that post!. don't go to any other post and ask me anything, i'll just ignore you and delete your comment.

wanna help out? then click here

Don't ask me where i got my Brushes or Fonts or Picture's click on the link's below the credit section of this profile, any comment asking me about any of this or whatever else i already answer, will be IGNORED ok bye

Credit section.

Font sites:dafont i get all my fronts from here
Picture sites:starpulse "i get most of my pictures from here" or from Google search

some good picture sites

full bloom.
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